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The little prince and the fox

It was then that appeared to raposa.__ Good morning - said the raposa.__ Good morning - politely replied the little prince, who, looking around, nothing see.__ I'm here - the voice said, under the apple tree .. . __ Who are you? - Asked the prince. __ You're very pretty ...__ I am a fox - said she.__ Come play with me - he proposed. __ ...__ I'm so sad ! said the prince ------ I can not play with you - said the fox.__ No you still not captivated me ....._____Oh sorry - said prince. But after reflecting, he added: __ What does "tame"? __ Do You not live here ??? said the fox. __ What are you looking? __ Looking for men - said the little prince. __ What does "tame"? he asked .... and the fox replied :____ __ The men have guns and hunt. It's scary! They also raise chickens. Is the only thing they do interesting. Are you looking for chickens? __ No - said the prince. __ I look for friends. __ What does "tame"? prguntou it again ... __ It's often forgotten - said the fox. __ Means to establish ties "...__ To establish ties? ... asked the prince not understand .... _ Exactly! - Said the fox. __ You are nothing to me but a boy just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you also have no need of me. Not To you I am a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, we shall need each other. You will be for me unique in the world. I will be unique in the world you ... _ _ Beginning to understand - said the little prince. __ There is a flower ... I think she has tamed me ... _ _ It's possible - said the fox. __ We see so much on Earth ... __ Oh! was not on Earth - said the prince. The fox seemed puzzled: _ _ On another planet? asked arapos _ Yes replied the prince .... __ There are hunters that other planet? __ No. __ Great! And chickens? Nor __ __ Nothing is perfect - "sighed the fox. But the fox returned to his reasoning. __ My life is monotonous. I hunt chickens and men hunt me. All chickens are just alike and all men as well. And that bothers me a little. But if you tame me, my life will be as sunny. Know the sound of steps that will be different from others. Other steps send me hurrying back underneath the ground. They call me out of the woodwork, like music. And then, look! See, far away, the wheat fields? I do not eat bread. Wheat for me is worthless. The wheat fields have nothing to say to me. And that is sad! But you have golden hair. Then it will be wonderful when you have tamed. The wheat, which is golden, will make me remember you. And I love the sound of wind in the wheat ... The fox fell silent and watched for a long time the prince __ Please ... tame me! , "she said. __ I would like to, "said the prince -- but do not have much time ....I have friends to discover and many things to know.One only knows what tames, "said the fox.__ Men have more time to understand nothing.They buy everything ready in stores.But as there are no shops of friends, men have more friends.If you want a friend, tame me! __ What is needed?asked the little Prince.__ We must be patient, "replied the fox. __ You will first sit a little away from me,Thus, in the grass.And I look at the corner of my eye and you will not say anything.The language is a source of misunderstandings.But each day you can sit a little closer. .The next day the prince returned.It would have been better if you go back four hours, three hours I get to be happy!The more time approaches, I feel happier.The four hours I will be restless and agitated discover the price of happiness!But if you come at any timeI'll never know the time to prepare my heart ...There must be a ritual._ _What is a "ritual"? -asked principezinho._ _It is an act too often neglected as well, "said raposa._ ~_ It is what makes a day different from other days;one hour, the other hours. My hunters, for example.Dance on Thursday with the village girls.is a ritual of love ....On Thursday, the day is so wonderful!I walk to the vineyard.If the hunters danced on any day ...... the days would all be equal, and I never have a holiday!So the little prince tamed the fox.But when the hour of departure, The Fox said: __ Oh, I'll cry. __ It's your fault, "said the prince.__ I do not want to hurt you;but you wanted me to tame you ...__ I wanted, "said the fox.__ But you are going to cry! 'he said. __I'll cry!! - Said the fox.So you will not gain anything!__ And she said I would, yes -!!__ Because of the color of trigo.Depois she added: __ Will look at the roses.So understand that yours is unique in the world.Then come back to say goodbye, I presented him with a secret.The little prince was to review the roses: _And she said I would, yes -!!__ Because of the color of wheat. Then she added: __ Will look at the roses.So understand that yours is unique in the world.Then come back to say goodbye, I presented him with a secret.The little prince was to review the roses: __ You are not at all like my rose,ye are not anything yet.No one has tamed you,tamed no one. You are like my fox.It was a fox like a hundred thousand others.But I've become my friend.Now she is unique in the world.And the roses were desapontadas.__ Suns beautiful, but empty, he continued.__Não If you can die for you.A passer-by without any doubt think that my rose looked just like you.It alone ishowever, important that all of you,it was she who I watered.It was she who put in a jar.It was she who took shelter with the parachute vento.Foi it that I killed the larvae(except two or three because of the butterflies). It was she who I hear complain or boast, or even shut up some vezes.Já it is my rosa.E he went back to Fox: Farewell __ ... "said ele.__ Goodbye," said the fox.__ This is my secret. It is very simple: it looks good with the heart. What is essential is invisible to olhos.__ What is essential is invisible to the eyes, the little prince repeated, not to esquecer.__ It is the time wasted for your rose that makes one so important.__ Was the time I have wasted for my rose ... -he repeated, not to esquecer.__ Men have forgotten this truth, also said the fox.__ But you must not forget.You become responsible forever for what you have tamed.You are responsible for your rose ...__ I am responsible for my rose ...-the little prince repeated, so do not forget .........

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